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When you grow up in a house with Hogwarts banners on the walls, Slytherin scarves and ties draped over furniture, and a mother who says “lumos” and “nox” when she turns the lights on and off, you kind of have no hope in coming out the other end NOT a Harry Potter fan. 

It’s entirely my fault that when Malorie plays outside, she HAS to bring Ron Weasley with her. It’s because of me that when she goes to bed, she needs her plush Fawkes and Fang tucked into bed too. And I’m taking the blame for the fact that at story time, her Dobby toy has to help me turn the pages whenever I say “ding!”.

We recently started reading The Philosopher’s Stone. I had intended to read her one chapter a day but she became so intrigued that one chapter turned into two, two into three, and before either of us knew it we were six chapters in and the sun was beginning to set. She curled her little body into mine and said, “I love this book, mummy. But I’m getting very sleepy.”

 This shared love of the Harry Potter universe inspired me to get out my scissors and paint, and get crafty. It’s getting warmer here in Australia, which means all the winter clothes are on sale, but very impractical. I picked up a couple of denim vests on the cheap, and decided to try my hand at modifying one of them.

I cut off the sleeves and used a white eyeliner pencil to sketch a Hogwarts crest onto the back. While the movies are magical, my heart will ALWAYS be with the books, so I copied the crest from the title page of PS and used the film colours as reference.

The front of the vest was what had me scratching my head for a little while. The thing itself was so teeny tiny that it was difficult for me at first to work out what to paint and where. Eventually it came to me; when I was 18 I wanted to get two big lightning bolts tattooed over either collar bone to immortalise my love for the series. Thankfully I changed my mind and got a cherry blossom branch instead, but why not kind of live my short-lived dream out through my eldest daughter? That’s what kids are for, right? So I painted one on each lapel. Zap.

The Deathly Hallows symbol was a given, but it took me a couple of sketches to decide where to place it. You can see the white eyeliner marks pointing out the failed placements in the instagram photo above. Protip: buy tailor’s chalk or use a white pencil if you try this at home. I was ill-prepared and had to makedo with what I had and while it’s easy to wipe off, the proper materials would have been easier.

I was pretty happy that this jacket had gold buttons, because they made the perfect body for a golden snitch! All I had to do there was paint two little wings - one on either side - and sit back and admire my work. Between you and I, I’m still pretty pleased with that little stroke of genius. But, uh.. I’m really a very modest person..

All in all, the vest experiment was a success. I’ve got friends requesting painted wears for their kids and themselves, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to magic up some things I have in my own wardrobe.

Harry Potter is a part of me. It’s given me confidence, hope, and some amazing friends, and now Harry Potter is a part of my children’s lives. I hope it brings them the same joy as it brought me.

Mischief managed. 

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a love of crows or ravens.

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this photograph intrigues me so much! why isn’t this the most famous photo from 9/11 instead of the falling man? isn’t 2 people holding hands after jumping more significant than 1 man? it makes me wonder what the story is behind this photo, were they friends or lovers? or just strangers who were too scared to jump alone? it shows that people need a helping hand even in their final moments, i love it.

Fucking reblog today; tomorrow. Any day I see it on my dash. Beautiful. I for one think they were strangers. Sometimes it’s easier to care for a stranger, how else would they have found the courage to not only jump, but to look into someone’s eyes and jump. I don’t think I could have done that if I knew the person well.

that’s a powerful photo 

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People will kill you over time, and how they’ll kill you is with tiny, harmless phrases, like: ‘be realistic.’

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